Thursday, December 30, 2021

Anything Goes in America's Political Garbage Can

One person, one vote continues to be at risk with Red Team congress persons.  

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene advocated that people moving from Democratic-leaning states to Republican-leaning states should be temporarily barred from voting.

The congresswoman tweeted that "brainwashed people" moving from California and New York "really need a cooling off period."

Texans got a Red State cooling off period in February 2021 and hundreds of citizens died from hypothermia.  Greene's view that most Americans fit neatly into Red or Blue political team boxes is erroneous.  Many people consider themselves independents.    

Congress won't enact the public's long standing desire for voting to be made easier.  The Greene's of the world want to reduce voters to the people they actually serve.  

Voting will be much cheaper with only policy-making billionaires pulling the lever.  Just print a few hundred simulated paper ballots in the billionaires' private Votaverse.  

The rest of us have long been ignored.  It's like our five days with no heat, water or power during the Texas winter storm.  Elected officials designed the system that spectacularly failed, causing widespread harm and misery.  

America needs leaders.  Unfortunately our political system has been distorted to not to give us what we need.  It gives us the exact opposite, arrogant fools. personal profiteers and internet trolls.  .Lord help us all.

Update 1-2-22:  Rep. Taylor Greene has been permanently banned from Twitter, a private company with rules for participants.

Update 1-9-22:  Blue Team New York Mayor appointed relatives to key high paying positions in city government.  Red Team strategist Steve Bannon applied for a loan based on an expensive property he does not own.  These stories reflect the big money churn within the politically connected, unethical behavior and possible crimes.  Public trust, anyone?    

Update 1-16-22:  Chief political garbageman and former President Donald Trump offered a bunch of nonsense to his fans on the Red Team in Arizona.  Did people actually pay for that?  

Update 1-27-22:  Sending out mail-in ballot applications is OK for a Texas Congressman but illegal if done by local election officials.  Huh?

Update 2-2-22:  To stamp out the canard of voter fraud Texas banned the mailing of vote-by-mail applications by local election officials.  It did not bar Red Team incumbents from that very practice.  Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick did just that using official looking letterhead as did Rep. Dan Crenshaw.  I believe they have pointed out the speck in the other's eye while ignoring the log in their own. 

Update 2-9-22:  Rep. Greene tried to invoke Hitler's goon squad but instead cited cold Spanish soup.  Gestapo, Gazpacho.  Thank you Marjorie, I needed a good laugh.  

Ignorance is as ignorance does.  Add a dose of arrogance and things get squirrelly.  

Update 2-20-22:  A conservative retired federal judge said "the United States is locked "in a political war to the death" and that "American democracy hangs in the balance."

"Our leaders seem incapable or unwilling to lead us in this moment when we need leadership most. If our leaders refuse to lead us to where we want to go and need to be, then we must go there ourselves — and leave them behind," he wrote.

Update 2-26-22:  Malaprop Marj spoke to the Wingnut element of the Red Team.  Was it the Minestrone Militia?  Next up, CPAC.  Should it be renamed CrackerPAC?  It's an icy cold soup of crazy.  

Fox News commenter Cucker Tarlson joined Pormer Fresident Tonald Drump in praising Putin.

Malaprop Marj did no research into the person sponsoring the Wingnut event and claims she knew nothing of his white supremacist views prior to speaking.  This rings hollow.  Leaders lie to us in the workplace and in the political arena.  I am tired of it.  

Update 2-27-22:  Senator Mitt Romney said any Red Team leaders who would speak at a white nationalist conference are morons and called such views evil.

Update 3-19-22:  Red Team Rep. Mike McCaul called Cucker Tarlson an "organ of Russian disinformation."  I think we know which organ.

Update 4-5-22:  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene verbally insulted her Republican Congressional colleagues, calling them pro-pedophile.  A fellow GOP member called her comments "ludicrous" and "typical".

Update 4-9-22:  Florida's Red Team Governor Ron DeSantis compared a Blue Team Georgia governor candidate to Cuba's Raul Castro.

Update 4-22-22:  Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene suddenly developed brain fog while testifying in a legal case seeking to block her from running for reelection for her role in the Capital insurrection.  Like BP's Lord John Browne and Ivanka Trump her brain turned to jelly under legal inquiry.  Greene's social media accounts could jog her memory, but those words are what got her in court.  Ooooppppss.

Update 4-27-22:  A year later the Trump White House almost immediately shifted blame for the Capital Insurrection.  

Leaked texts have unveiled a Trump aide's plan to help the then-president deflect anger over the Capitol riot.  Jason Miller outlined tweets for Trump to send out, blaming "ANTIFA" and "crazed leftists" for the violence.  Miller also proposed a tweet accusing the "fake news media" of demonizing "peaceful and innocent MAGA supporters."

No truth at all.

Update 5-14-22:  Greene said Democrats are setting food plants on fire to advance a globalist agenda.  She didn't say if they were started with Jewish space lasers.

Update 5-30-22:  Greene said plant based meat is grown in a "peach tree dish."  Malaprop Marjorie is referring to what is called in real world a petri dish.

Update 6-19-22:  Former President Trump spoke to the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Nashville.  FFC executive Ralph Reed said this of potential Red Team Presidential candidates for 2024.

“We figure the best thing to do is to provide a platform for those candidates and assist them, informally, by letting them know the best way they can connect with and make their case to those voters and pastors.  

“After that, we let the market decide.”

The market?  How about the faithful. It's time to throw out the money-changers and that includes those selling their soul for earthly gains.

Update 7-7-22:  Tucker Carlson blamed lecturing women as a reason for young males to use weapons of war on innocent Americans.  Next he'll blame the shootings on untanned ball sacks.

Update 7-10-22:  Unhinged Red Team behavior continues.

Update 9-27-22:   Tucker Carlson cheered the election of a neo-fascist Italian Prime Minister, an admirer of Mussolini. He also encouraged threats toward children's hospitals who provide gender affirming healthcare.

Update 9-28-22:  Tucker Carlson called hurricanes "a scam" just as Hurricane Ian and its 155 mph winds bear down on southwest Florida.  Can we get a live report from Tucker as Ian's eye-wall obliterates property?

Update 9-30-22:  Tucker could have given that live report from his property on Gasparilla Island, which got pummeled during the hurricane.  I bet Tucker has federal flood insurance for his island estate.

Update 10-12-23:  Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said a Red Team PAC meeting with a white supremacist was "a blunder."  The white supremacist is on record:

...has frequently praised Hitler and questioned if the Holocaust happened. He has called for “holy war” against Jews, said he wants the United States under authoritarian, "Catholic Taliban rule" and fantasized about marrying a 16-year-old when he is older because that’s “right when the milk is good." He has said that he would beat a "disrespectful" woman so hard that she would collapse like a building on Sept. 11, 2001. And he has routinely pushed conspiracy theories that claim there is an intentional, Jewish-driven effort to replace white people through immigration, interracial marriage and the LGBTQ+ community. “All I want is revenge against my enemies and a total Aryan victory,

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Ed Meese Leads Red Team Cancel Culture

Former Attorney General Edwin Meese III joined other Red Team members in requesting the expulsion of Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger from the House GOP conference.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, father of Rep. Liz Cheney, has conservative bona fides, like Ed Meese.

Ed Meese is a national treasure. He has advanced the best interests of the United States effectively, honorably, and courageously in one important job after another. It is worth recalling that Ed came to Washington to organize the Reagan presidential transition and then went on to play a central role as President Reagan’s closest adviser in a long list of important conservative accomplishments. It has been my privilege to know and learn from Ed over many years and a great honor to have served with him on the Trump presidential transition.” 

Consider this historical footnote:

In April 1980, Dick Cheney endorsed Governor Ronald Reagan for president, becoming one of Reagan's earliest supporters.

Ed Meese is pushing cancel culture against the conservative daughter of a Red Team peer.  Trump's ego supersedes friendships and family.  It takes courage to stand against Trump's brand of unthinking and uncaring.

Update 1-6-22:  Former VP Dick Cheney visited the U.S. Capital today, the one year anniversary of Donald Trump's Middle Aged Wilding.  Cheney remarked:

"I'm deeply disappointed we don't have better leadership in the Republican Party to restore the Constitution."  
"Well, it’s not a leadership that resembles any of the folks that I knew when I was here for 10 years -- dramatically."

Did Ed Meese hear that?

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Red Team: Trump Party of 1

Business Insider reported:

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Republican leaders must "have a relationship with Donald Trump" in order to be effective.

There is no "relationship" with former President Trump, just complete fealty.  

Senator Lindsey Graham once confronted international strongmen.  Now he supports America's version to the point that Red Team candidates have to kiss the ring.

Update 12-14-21:  A number of Trump ring kissers asked White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to intervene with the President to stop the Capital insurrection.  However, Roman emperor Trump had carnage to take in before acting. 

Update 12-16-21:  Esquire reported:

They (Fox News hosts and Donald Trump Jr.) knew something fundamental: Trump was watching this unfold on TV and doing nothing to stop it. The Capitol of the United States was under attack, and the president didn't lift a finger.

Update 12-18-21:  Former Trump Chief of Staff Meadows has been described as "chief enabler to a president who was desperate to hold on to power."  Anyone under Trump is expected to enable the former President.

Update 1-2-22:  Former President Trump plans to hold a press conference from Maro Lago on January 6th, the one year anniversary of his white, middle aged Capital wilding.  Lord, help us all.

Update 1-4-22:  Trump intends to lie about January 6th, his national disgrace. Trump's ego maintenance is endangering our democracy.

Update 1-5-22:  Donald Trump cancelled his January 6th address/press conference on the one year anniversary of his followers overrunning the U.S. Capital in violent fashion.

Sixty percent of Americans polled believe an attack like the Capital insurrection conducted by the unhinged far right could happen again.  The far-right plans to harass local and moderate GOP officials and their children—people who are part of the same party—to pressure them out of positions overseeing elections or on school boards, in order to install more radical acolytes.  All in the service of one losing President.

Update 1-10-22:  Trump targeted two Red Team Senators.  He's after Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota and Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.  Round's Trump sin was to call the 2020 election "as fair as we've seen."  Like any bully Trump wants to control another politician's endorsement of Murkowski.  

Update 1-15-22:  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in the aftermath of Jan. 6th that President Trump bore responsibility for the attack.  No more.  The public deserves answers however protecting the former president is Red Team Job #1.

Update 1-26-22:  Donald Trump suggested White House advisor Ivanka was being abused by the January 6th investigatory committee.  "They go after children."  No, they asked someone who has information pertinent to the investigation to cooperate.   

Update 1-30-22:  Former President Donald Trump continued his disparagement tour in Conroe, Texas.  There he said he could pardon the Jan. 6th insurrectionists while sending mobs against government agencies investigating Trump's possible illegal behavior.  In Trumpworld he makes the law so nothing he does is illegal.  That does not intersect well with reality.  A Republican government ethicist said Trump's giving aid to seditionists by pardoning them disqualifies him for the Presidency.  Lord, he's yours to handle because our democratic systems appear to be completely incapable of evicting him from political life. 

Update 2-3-22:  CNN reported "former President Donald Trump’s chilling comments at his Texas rally last week offering pardons to Jan. 6 rioters if he’s elected and calling for “massive protests” if prosecutors take action against him are signs that he’s in “burn-it-all-down mode."

Update 3-17-22:  The Red Team may be trying to dislodge the detritus blocking their throat.  National Review columnist Charles C.W. Cooke isn't swallowing Drump's distorted visions.   Cooke wrote:

The idea of selecting “extraordinary selfish” Trump to run in 2024 “should be absurd, risible, farcical, outrĂ©” and “the preserve of the demented fringe,” Cooke wrote.

The GOP is not short of candidates who haven’t lost an election and then “disgracefully lied about it for a year” or “inspired a riot in the service of that lie.”

Update 4-14-22:  Power couple Mitch McConnell (then Senate Majority Leader) and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao pondered how to manage a deranged Drump after his election loss.  There is no managing Drump who lives in a world of his own supreme malignancy.  

Update 5-16-22:  Trump told rallygoers he would write a book about the election in which he lost.  His title?  The Crime of the Century.  That would be serial perjury from a disgraced former President.

Update 5-29-22:  Trump called the insurrection "a hoax" at a Wyoming rally.  Seven people died as a result of Trump's right wing middle-aged wilding.   Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Trump wants the Red Team to be "the party of me" where "everything has to be about him and his grievances." 

Update 6-6-22:  Pathetic loser Donald Trump called Former House Speaker Paul Ryan a pathetic loser.

Update 6-11-22:  Ex-President Donald Trump dissed daughter Ivanka after she told the January 6th House committee that she accepted Attorney General Bill Barr's conclusion that election fraud was minimal and insufficient to change the outcome of the election.  Trump's twisted ego steamrolls family members telling the truth under oath.  

“This is somebody who’s never changed. He doesn’t evolve. And as you said earlier, he has one thing he cares about, and that’s himself. That will never, ever change, no matter who gets in his way, no matter who gets hurt, even if it’s his kids.”

Update 8-17-22:  Trump's Ukraine fixer Lev Parnas detailed out the Trump "mob" family

Update 9-15-22:   Trump threatened civil unrest if he is indicted for taking classified information to Mar-a-Lago.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Texas Regulates Teaching Controversial Issues

The Texas Legislature dealt with pesky critical race theory, which is not taught in Texas public schools.  It did so indirectly.

A “teacher may not be compelled to discuss a widely debated and currently controversial issue of public policy or social affairs.” The law doesn’t define what a controversial issue is. If a teacher does discuss these topics, they must “explore that topic objectively and in a manner free from political bias.”

The problem arises in America's permanent political campaign where every issue is distorted for political advantage.  Public health is political.  Science is political.  Religion is political.  Nothing is not political.

Red and Blue political teams will flip/flop on an issue in a heartbeat for perceived advantage.  Consider how these groups can fight when they could agree and move forward.

In 2005 Randy Brinson, evangelical founder of Redeem the Vote, persuaded Democratic legislators in Alabama and Georgia to propose bills that would encourage Bible electives using a new textbook, The Bible and Its Influence, published by the Bible Literacy Project. Because that text had been reviewed by more than forty scholars (including this author), endorsed by some evangelical leaders, and successfully field-tested, Democrats saw such legislation as an opportunity to be religion friendly without violating the First Amendment.

Republicans in these states were not happy at the prospect of Democrats stealing their biblical thunder. One Georgia Grand Old Party senator accused the Democrats of “trying to put a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” and Georgia Republicans, who control both houses of the legislature, were able to scuttle the Democratic bill and pass their own version. Alabama Republicans managed to block their state’s bill in early 2006; efforts to revive it have stalled.

That was fifteen years ago.  The political battle field has since worsened.

Politics is not robust enough to supersede the study of various disciplines, much less incorporate them as sub-political units.  The manipulation of the public to drive voting is often crude and based on fiction, even outright lies.

For the Red Team truth is no longer truth.  Truth is loyalty to Donald Trump, a Person of the Lie.  The Blue Team sold its soul for money and power under corporacrat Bill Clinton.  Since then, it levered up its soulless bargain with financial devils.  Senators Manchin and Synema are Blue Team standard bearers.

Texas Reds prize themselves on independence.  That does not extend to the classroom.  

The law requires at least one teacher and one campus administrator at each school district to attend a civics training program that will teach educators how race and racism should be taught in Texas schools.

The Reds are regulating the teaching of thought.  They need citizens incapable of critical thinking, of considering actual U.S. history, wrestling with social concerns and arriving at opinions/strategies as to how elected officials should address those issues. 

Like the February freeze Texas elected officials designed a system to keep us in the dark.  It's chilling.

Update 12-30-21:  One person, one vote continues to be at risk with Red Team congress persons.  If they won't enact public will, Congress can just reduce voters to the people they serve.  Voting will be much cheaper with only policy making billionaires pulling the lever.  Just print a few hundred paper ballots in the billionaires' private votaverse.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

No Mercy for the Heartbroken this Christmas

A United States Congressman had his family pose with guns for a Christmas picture.  He shared the picture on social media days after a deeply disturbed fifteen year old killed four schoolmates and wounded seven others.  

It is hard to see goodness or mercy in the Congressman's picture.

Those who are worn out and crushed by this mourning, let your hearts consider this:
This is the path that has existed from the time of creation and will exist forever.
Many have drunk from it and many will yet drink.
As was the first meal, so shall be the last.
May the master of comfort comfort you. 
Blessed are those who comfort the mourners. -- Jewish blessing of the Mourners

Yes, blessed are they. 

Update 2-9-22:  Rep. Massie confused correlation with causation with this:

“Over 70% of Americans who died with COVID, died on Medicare, and some people want #MedicareForAll?”

That's a surprising logic error for an MIT grad who majored in mechanical engineering. 

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Trump to Sacrifice America's Credit Rating

Congress raised the debt ceiling three times under President Donald Trump.  Yet, former President Trump is encouraging the Red Team to trash America's credit rating.

"Old Crow Mitch McConnell ... must be fully prepared to use the DEBT CEILING in order to totally kill the Democrat's new Social Spending (Wasting!) Bill, which will change our Country forever," Trump said. "Use the Debt Ceiling, Mitch, show strength and courage."

Trump's scorched earth strategies feed his insatiable ego.  He does not care that they would harm his very supporters.

Using the debt ceiling as a political weapon, however, could well endanger the still-recovering economy. If the ceiling isn't lifted ahead of the deadline, the government could default on its multitrillion-dollar debt pile. Payments to federal workers and service members would freeze, as would Social Security benefits. Borrowing costs would skyrocket as the world loses faith in the US dollar's worth.

Trump burns anything in the path of his nonstop goal to increase his power and wealth.  The Lord will have to handle him.  He cannot take with him whatever ungodly sums he achieves on this earth.  That applies to all people, even the super wealthy and politically powerful.  

Update 12-9-21:  Trump shill Senator Lindsey Graham warned fellow Red Team senators they will incur the wrath of the former President if they allow Democrats to raise the debt ceiling.