Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bipartisan Sleight of Hand

In a move worthy of a master magician, both Republicans and Democrats divert the people's attention. Noted liberal site, Think Progress had two fluff posts today. The first dealt with the largest Confederate Flag, soon to fly over Tampa, Florida. The second dealt with masseuse George W. Bush giving a Minnesota Congresswoman crap for wearing "pink gloves". Over at conservative Little Green Footballs, Barack Obama quits his church, while the McClellan discounters rehearse their lines for tomorrow morning's political shows.

So what are they hiding? It's the annual AIPAC meeting. Don't look at the little green men behind the curtain frantically pulling levers, trying not to flush their political party's chances in upcoming elections. The envious men are searching for the "bomb Iran" button, in hopes it could improve their dismal approval ratings. Both Democrats and Republicans pretend nothing is going on behind the flapping linen. The problem is one corrupt, incompetent leader keeps getting in the way of the other. It's the Bush/Olmert dark comedy team and it's almost 3:00 am. Quick, more fluff! The red phone could soon be ringing...