Thursday, May 1, 2008

Free to Swift Boat, Use Voter ID'S

America's electoral process is inflamed and in need of Freedhem. Indiana voters are free to pay the modern day poll tax via the driver's license fee. The picture ID is required in that state for a citizen to vote. The Supreme Court upheld Indiana's voter ID laws.

Lucky folks with good eyesight, enough vitality, and a valid license will be free to hear attack ads in the months before the November election. Non-profit 527 organizations will pull out the stops to launch negative campaigns on behalf of their above the fray candidates. The term for such gutter political efforts is "swift boating", named after the campaign that ran down Senator John Kerry's military service in Vietnam. People donating millions of dollars to manipulate America's political process are free to deduct those gifts from their taxes owed to Uncle Sam.

Best of all, candidates in a tough political battle for their party's nomination are free to prognosticate who will be "swift boated" worse. Clinton supporter Senator Evan Bayh told the Washington Post that the GOP may swift boat Barack Obama over his now broken ties to firebrand Reverend Jeremiah Wright. What Evan didn't say, is he and Hillary don't mess with "swift boats", not when one can ride on a "stately yacht" named The PEU Boys. PEU stands for private equity underwriter.

So what if Hillary's husband privatized the security investigations branch of the federal government. Who cares that The Carlyle Group flipped USIS for huge gains? Does it really matter that two ex. Clinton staffers, Mack McLarty and David Marchick, sit in high levels with the Carlyle fold? And what about Hillary's black backer, Robert L. Johnson, and his joint venture with Carlyle? Who arranged her recent, invitation only talk at an Indiana Allison Transmission plant, a fairly new Carlyle affiliate?

As for Hillary's big supporter, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, Carlyle is his number seven lifetime donor. Who knows that he recently defended sovereign wealth funds like Abu Dhabi, which not long ago purchased 7.5% of The Carlyle Group? So what if the Bayh household grossed over $1.5 million from his wife's flipping her WellPoint stock options, granted for her loyal board service? Her 2007 take from sales of WellPoint stock provided a $372,000 boost to the family income. How might the Senator favor private health insurers in any planned reforms, especially if ends up as Hillary's Vice Presidential running mate? Could the country go from Cheney's Halliburton to the Bayh's WellPoint?

Obviously, none of the above matters. Americans treasure one freedhem above all others, the fantasy of sharing a brew in a frosty mug with their next president. Evan Bayh noted in his WaPo interview, the ability of the opposition to paint someone as an alcohol snob:

"You're running for president and people want to get a sense of who you are, and when you're new to the public stage you're a little more susceptible to having the canvas painted in by your political opponents."

Hillary can not only down a cold one, she can throw back a shot of Jack Daniels to boot. So America, it's time to belly up to the voter bar and pull the lever. But you'd better have your photo ID.