Monday, May 5, 2008

The Coming Iranian Attack

The chess pieces continue to move toward a likely check mate with Iran. Last week, Iranian leaders announced they would no longer trade oil using the U.S. dollar. CBS News reported plans were being drawn up to attack Iran, speculating the country's nuclear facilities as a likely target. Rupert Murdoch's Times Online morphed the story to an attack on an Iranian insurgent training camp.

As the week closed, Israel reported an intelligence "breakthrough", which also came via Murdoch's Sunday Times. It stated:

A source quoted by the paper on Sunday claimed that the new information was on par with intelligence that led to the discovery and destruction of a partly constructed nuclear reactor in Syria last September. Israeli officials believe the US will revise its analysis of Iran's program.

Right now, American, British and Israeli leaders are plotting what to do about Iran. Not long ago, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff rattled his saber, saying the U.S. military had the Air Force and Naval capacity to attack Iran. Today, he discounts an impending "war" with Iran, a la Iraq.

In the word parsing Bush administration, that leaves plenty of wiggle room for a surgical strike. Unfortunately, our Commander in Chief is not known for his competence. We've seen evidence of his past botched surgeries. This one could be particularly bloody.

Bush's lackeys from Iraq are in place to launch another round of laser guided missiles in the Middle East. Paul Wolfowitz is in a key State Department role heading up WMD intelligence. Sitting on the President's Intelligence Oversight Board are ex-Homeland Security Chief Fran Townsend and General Peter Pace, ready to rubber stamp another pre-emptive de-Hitlerizing strike.

As the bad news hits the airwaves, who stands ready to defend her old boss? Frances Fragos Townsend sits as a contributor to CNN, alongside Tony Snow. Fran set aside her call to do global risk management for an investment house to support the cause of twenty four hour a day news. Just as the Pentagon fed retired military media consultants, Bush will pull the strings on his ex-employees.

It's getting closer to check mate every day. Don't count on our compromised media for the honest reporting. Our government believes we can't handle the truth, thus it spends time and energy on manipulative machinations. Master Bush has one more retaliatory impulse to exercise and he will find a way.