Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CNN Protects Fran from McClellan Book Blowback on Ccccaffertty File

Acerbic Jack Cafferty must aim his double barrelled shotgun away from fellow CNN News commenters. That's the only justification I can find for not approving the submission below regarding Scott McClellan's new book, which happens to bash the Bush administration:

Q: How will Scott McClellan’s book affect the presidential election?

A: The question should be how Scotty’s book will impact all the ex-White House spin masters spread across the media. They’re the ones with screen time to drop message blurbs to manipulate voters. Fran Townsend sits alongside Jack Cafferty at CNN in such a role. She took umbrage to McClellan’s stating the obvious on a botched Katrina response. It’s hard to manage a domestic disaster response from a plane bound for Saudi Arabia, right Fran? As for her follow up investigation, that whitewash should have kept her from any future journalistic role. At least we have Jack!

Alan from San Angelo, TX 2:47 pm (Your comment is awaiting moderation, even though it's 2 and 1/2 hours later, Jack just read his favorite responses on air and comments have been closed.)

We got your back Fran! We've circled the wagons to protect you from any stray horns, the Texas long variety.