Thursday, May 15, 2008

Model Democracies Expand Influence in RISK-like Fashion

In the game of global domination, two democratic countries stand hand in hand, the United States and Israel. American President George W. Bush spent many a late night at Yale throwing the dice in his attempt to take over a board game world. He appears to be re-enacting the good ole days as his Presidency winds down.

Bush is in Israel helping the Jewish state celebrate its 60 birthday. In his talk to the Israeli Knesset, their parliament, George W. called Israel "the freest democracy in the Middle East" and said the United States is "proud to be Israel's closest ally and best friend." While Carole King's "You've Got a Friend" played in the background, it could easily have been "You and Me Against the World." Place yourself in the role of the chief Palestinian negotiator. How would that "best friend" statement make you feel about America's brokering a fair peace deal?

As for the model democracy assertion, Israel has the big money influence on politics, just like Washington, D.C. The same man funding Swift Boat political ads has been interviewed regarding illegal funds to Bush's counterpart, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Ironically, Sheldon Adelson introduced President Bush during a 60th Anniversary event. It seems stonewalling legal investigations of influence peddling is an art in both democratic societies.

Bush and Olmert took the opportunity to crank up the rhetoric yet another notch on the Iranian nuclear threat. The U.S. President promised to prevent another Masada, the final Roman siege that felled Judea. Jewish citizens killed each other and themselves to rob the Romans of a just victory.

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said prior to the address: "The United States and Israel share a belief that all people have the right to live in peace, that democracy is the best way to ensure human rights, that religious liberty is fundamental to civilized society and that using violence to achieve political objectives is always wrong."

I suggest anyone attacked by George W. Bush's or Ehud Olmert's military use this statement in an international court, given their established right to live in peace. If only Mr. Johndroe added economic objectives as a problematic cause for war. America's military industrial complex has morphed into a government industrial monstrosity. It's gargantuan appetite can longer be fed domestically, thus it now faces tomorrow with international aspirations. Of course, media mogul Rupert Murdoch is willing to do his part. America's march to war with the Persian version of Hitler continues step by step.