Monday, May 26, 2008

Democratic Iraq Goes Decree Crazy!

On May 20th the Iraqi government issued a decree dissolving its Olympic Committee and all national sports associations. As a result, the Iraqi Soccer team, winners of the last Asian Cup, will be suspended from international play for one year by the sport's governing body, FIFA.

The move shows CPA Chief Paul Bremer-like insight. Recall his dissolving the Iraq Army, the one group capable of keeping Iraq's divided society in order? Well, someone in the current government threw a bucket of cold water on one of the few groups to unite the Iraqi people the last five years, their national soccer team known as the "Lions of Two Rivers."

After their Asian cup win, a fan had this to say, “Once again, our national team has shown that there is only one, united Iraq.” The Baghdad policeman also noted, “The players have made us proud, not the greedy politicians." Politicians with decrees. It sounds more like a monarchy than democracy. Welcome to secret executive orders and signing statements. But it's all for the good of the people....