Saturday, April 11, 2009

Conned Again!

I fell for the "Uniter, not a Divider" in 2000. It took me a few years to wise up, but by summer 2005 I found myself blogging against America's Slacker in Chief. I allowed myself the weest bit of hope under the newly elected people's President, but it's been a bad week. Consider the developments from a White House that vets nearly everything before it hits the media.

1. The Obama Justice Department reiterated Bush's "state secrets" defense in a domestic spying lawsuit. This is months after the new DOJ used it in a rendition case. Obama's DOJ will appeal a ruling allowing prisoners to challenge their detention in U.S. foreign jails.

2. The U.S. made a diplomatic move to "battle the anti-Israel crap". America's UN Ambassador used those words to describe her role in international diplomacy. Lovely.

3. CIA Chief Leon Panetta said agency officers who worked in secret prisons “should not be investigated, let alone punished.”

4. Mr. Obama assured corporate executives that he wants their companies to remain competitive, and that he is interested "over time" in lowering corporate rates in exchange for closing corporate loopholes.

I think I'll just call our nation's Chief Executive President Lucy. During the Presidential campaign candidates hold the football nice and straight. "It's safe," they say, "but I need you to vote for me first. Then you can whale away."

Vote done, President Barack Obama inaugurated. As I charged the football, small symbols came into view. The pigskin showed dollar signs with names of PAC's and million dollar bundlers. I planted my left foot, swung my right forward and crushed ...air? As I landed hard on my back, wind flew from my chest.

President Barack Lucy looked down on me and said, "It was never your ball. You believed it was your turn to kick? Ha!"

I wanted a witty retort, but I had no air. Everything hurt too much.