Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama Won't Press for Middle East Peace at all Costs

President Obama's Chief Economic Adviser cited Israeli exceptionalism in his remarks celebrating the Jewish State's 61st birthday. YNET reported:

Summers stressed that the Jewish state did this (grew exports) with hard work and commitment, with the greatest values of humanity, a commitment to do the right thing, a commitment to knowledge, a commitment to beauty and culture, and a commitment to the highest level of civilization, all this while facing a constant threat. This is what Israel gave the world, he said.

Larry Summers spoke from the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Summers, who is Jewish and served as the Clinton administration's treasury secretary, said that all US presidents since Israel's establishment have been committed to the Jewish state's security and independence. He added that Obama would continue this presidential tradition with great pride.

The message passed on by Summers from the White House was that during Netanyahu's upcoming visit to Washington, the two leaders would discuss peace, which he said was what everyone wanted, but not peace at all costs.
Israel doesn't want peace. The Arab League Peace Plan gathered dust since 2002. The new Netanyahu/Lieberman is a right wing/ racist wing nut administration. More violence is in order, likely planned by Obama's neocon Dennis Ross as he tours the Middle East.

From the U.S. end, both parties kow tow to our 51st state. Nearly $3 billion in annual military aid to the most heavy handed country in the Middle East? Actions speak louder than words, which are sad enough.