Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama's Role in Spanish Case Disappearing

President Barack Obama addressed the Spanish torture case against six former Bush officials. He said:

"I have not had direct conversations with the Spanish government about these issues. My team has been in communications with them. I think that we are moving a process forward here in the United States to understand what happened, but also to focus on how we make sure that the manner in which we operate currently is consistent with our values and our traditions. And so my sense is, is that this will be worked out over time."

The Obama team communicated with the Spanish, who just today announced they would not pursue the case. I thought the big money boys intervened on behalf of the Bush cabal, maybe a James Baker, Henry Kissinger or some other leader of American branded global corporatocracy. But no, it was the team of our new President!

President Obama offered drivel in his response. "Think we are moving a process forward to understand?" Horse hockey!

The Executive Department investigates and brings charges or Congress uses its oversight powers. It's one or the other. The White House is a goose egg to date. Attorney General Eric Holder told Katie Couric his priority was closing Guantanamo Bay, not investigating torture. He did lay responsibility on Congress and the President. Here's the next layer of the fuckundrum:

How can the Attorney General investigate without the President ordering such?

The President senses that something may happen, but he's not clear what.

It's clear Obama hasn't ordered anything, except maybe for the Spanish to step away. That leaves Congress, which is tied up in blue-red hypercompetition. The American people can't get their long standing questions answered on torture or domestic spying. It's a very sad day for accountable democracy. It's a very good day for the established corporatocracy.