Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spain to Clear Pinochet after Dropping Charges Against Bush Cabal

Spanish courts announced they would not prosecute Bush officials for torturing a Spanish citizen at Guantanamo Bay. Attorney General Candido Conde-Pumpido said the case had "no merit" as they were not present when the alleged abuse took place. Since when does the prosecutor have to be present at the crime in progress? Spain would have empty its jails under such a requirement. BBC News reported:

"We cannot support that action," Mr Conde-Pumpido told reporters. "If one is dealing with a crime of mistreatment of prisoners of war, the complaint should go against those who physically carried it out."

This is the same Spain that issued an arrest warrant for Chilean military leader Augusto Pinochet. Did Pinochet physically carry out the mistreatment or did he order it, like the Bush/Cheney cabal.

Obama's CIA Chief Leon Panetta said his employees won't testify and shouldn't be charged for their role in torture.

It's a fuckundrum. The people who ordered torture can't be charged, because they didn't carry it out. The people who did it can't be held responsible, they were just following orders.

I want to know the real way Spain changed its mind. Did Poppy, James A. Baker, Henry Kissinger or a member of the Council on Foreign Relations call Spanish CEO's wanting to do huge infrastructure work in the U.S.? Did they say something like, "reign in Candido and Cintras will get a big Trans Texas Corridor or D.C. commuter contract"? Bush like torture, warrants bush level political machinations.

The U.S. levers greed and violence to get its way. There's no reason to believe George W. Bush's latest social promotion came from anything else. The boy made a career on free passes.