Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Israel Proves Again It Doesn't Want Peace

How many ways does Israel have to tell the world to bugger off? General David Petraeus told Congress that Israel might unleash its third attack in the region in three years. After pummeling Lebanon and Gaza, Israel might take on Iran. Bloomberg reported:

Petraeus Says Israel Might Choose to Attack Iran

Army General David Petraeus told Congress that “the Israeli government may ultimately see itself so threatened by the prospect of an Iranian nuclear weapon that it would take preemptive military action to derail or delay it.”

Israel's Bibi Netanyahu promised to honor all agreements prior to his swearing in as Prime Minister. Apparently, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman didn't get the memo. BBC reported:

Israel FM rejects Annapolis deal

Israel's new ultra-nationalist foreign minister has said it is not bound by a US-sponsored 2007 agreement to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians.

"The Annapolis conference, it has no validity," Avigdor Lieberman said.

It's time to quit giving Israel $2.77 billion a year in military might. If Israel attacks, they should be on their own. Memo to Congress and the White House, Israel isn't our 51st state.