Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bush Leaves Big Lever for Freedom in Myanmar Untouched

President Bush announced a series of measures appearing to hurt the military junta ruling Myanmar, as the country continues its violent crack down on protesters. But George failed to touch his greatest lever, Western oil companies doing business in the repressive country. France's Total and America's Chevron own 60% of a field producing 17.4 million m3/day in 2006. Under their production sharing agreement how much went to Myanmar's dictatorial rulers that same year? The following information exists on the Total website:

Elections were held in 1990, but when ruling authorities lost to the National League for Democracy, a coalition led by Aung San Suu Kyi, they refused to transfer power to the winners. This occured on Bush Sr.'s watch.

In late May 2003, during a political tour in the provinces, members of the NLD were attacked and imprisoned. The number of victims is unknown. (Bush Jr.'s first term.)

Total/Unocal-Chevron Project Milestones include:
1. Basic agreement (Production Sharing Contract) signed in July 1992. President George H.W. Bush is in the White House.
2. Construction work (1 Billion USD investment) implemented between October 95 and June 98
3. Production reaches commercial stage in 2000: 17.4 million m3/day produced in 2006.

Did you pay close attention to the above dates? Given the events of the last few days, one certainly would expect President Bush to call his conservative French counterpart to ensure the spigot is cut off for Myanmar's strongmen. That is if he truly believes in freedom? From this data it appears Bush's favors oil over freedom. Something has to power that dynasty.