Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Stories We Tell

Ari Fleischer told a few dandies in his day as White House Press Secretary under President Bush and according to news reports he intends to tell a few more as a founding member of Freedom's Watch. The group intends to tell the story of freedom's advance in Iraq as Congress debates next steps. It will do so via a $15 million ad campaign.

But that's not all. Freedom's Watch plans to stay together through the 2008 Presidential campaign in order to "be a major force in shaping those issues that galvanize voters." Translation: galvanize = manipulate. And the first casualty of freedom is truth, proven so many times by this administration. Thus Ari's Freedom Switch will attempt to provide truth whenever possible on galvanizing issues identified by Freedom's Watch.

In describing the need for the group, FW emphasizes military force and free markets. If President Eisenhower were here today, he'd witness the evolution of the dangerous Military Industrial Complex into the now media savy Government Industrial Monstrosity. Politicians and business leaders have their hands so deep in each other's pockets, they should avoid airport restrooms for fear of being arrested for lewd behavior. Freedom's Watch is such a group.
The organization would have us believe free enterprise and overwhelming military force are founding tenets of our country. They purposefully mask our founder's true intent of freedom and a deliberately constrained federal government. It will be interesting to see what else they distort!

For past examples of Bush lies and misdeed see State of the Division with its over 1,400 posts. The PEU Report chronicles the influence of private equity and major investment houses on the Bush administration. It also highlights poor management practices so widespread in our country. Hold your nose if you go there!