Friday, September 28, 2007

Bush Wants Freedom for Rich People

Two new statements by President George W. Bush streamed across "the internets" the last 24 hours. The first came from Rev. Jim Wallis in regard to his conversation with the President shortly after his inauguration.

Jim, I don't understand poor people. I've never lived with poor people or been around poor people much. I don't understand what they think and feel about a lot of things. I'm just a white Republican guy who doesn't get it. How do I get it?

Rev. Wallis knows George W. hasn't gotten it by his threatened veto of children's health insurance legislation. In his seventh year, the American President remains a white Republican guy. So why all the talk about freedom and the need to impose it behind the sight of a gun?

The Washington Post reported on a transcript from a meeting at the Western White House between American and Spanish leaders. During the session George clearly indicated his frustration with U.N. talks and preference for tanks to roll. We now know the intelligence was cooked to get boots on the ground. The Spanish leader encouraged President Bush to pursue diplomatic means, including an offer by Saddam to leave with $1 billion and information on WMD's.

That $1 billion seems like chump change compared to America's investment in the Middle East's newest democracy. Now, a different military dictatorship in Southeast Asia torments its people. George Bush won't pull the lever cutting Chevron's and Total's supplying Myanmar's junta oil revenues. Those production sharing agreements were negotiated during Poppy's term. It's hard to see Bush cares about freedom for the poor. The right to drill and sell oil, now that's a horse of a different color.

When challenged by the Spanish leader before invading Iraq, he said, "I'm optimistic because I believe I'm right." The world has had enough of George's rightness...

"Tell Kofi to call the Syrians and tell them to cut that shit out", said with his mouth full of dough from a hot buttered roll.

"We're kicking ass in Iraq" to an Australian leader

"It's like Chinese water torture, (regarding the U.N. negotiations), we've got to put an end to it."

Jacques Chirac "sees himself as Mr. Arab."