Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bush's Democracy Fest in Middle East

The news is replete with harbingers of freedom. American Chief Diplomat Condi Rice snatched away the international atomic watchdog's freedom of speech with a "butt out" to its leader, Mohamed el-Baradei.

Democratic Lebanon found itself bombed by its own citizens in contrast to the pummeling it took from its neighbor to the south last summer. A lawmaker perished in the blast.

Israel, the aforementioned neighbor, ratcheted up its siege on the Gaza Strip by declaring it an "enemy entity". Now they can withhold electricity and fuel, in addition to taxes. For selecting the wrong party in free elections in early 2006, the Palestinian people continue to pay.

Meanwhile Iran lacks the freedom to retaliate should Israel attack it. While they may have plans, the mighty U.S. military presence in the region will contain Iran's retaliatory impulse. And the Iranians lack democratic style freedom, that in Iraq could only be delivered using cruise missiles in a campaign of "shock and awe".

Given Ms. Rice earlier smack down of the IAEA chief, could a similar round of nuclear tipped freedom be on order for Iran? This is supported by free France which recently warned Iran that war is a logical consequence of its intransigence. In classic French fashion they surrendered the threat by waving the white flag of negotiation.

Meanwhile the American people are free to visit Senator Larry Craig's stall in the Minneapolis airport. Senator Craig, despite offering his resignation, returned to the hallowed stalls of government in Washington DC. And that sums up the state of freedom...