Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cheney Looks for Next Proxy War with Russia

Vice President Dick Cheney continued his war tour through Asia and Europe. The Jerusalem Post reported his words from a press conference in Italy:

Russia has sold advanced weapons to the regimes in Syria and Iran. Some of the Russian weapons sold to Damascus have been channeled to terrorist fighters in Lebanon and Iraq. Russian arms-dealing has endangered the prospects for peace and freedom in [the Middle East].

Both leaders (Cheney and Peres) were in the resort of Cernobbio on Lake Como to attend the Ambrosetti forum, an annual gathering of global political and business leaders. Cheney's visit was part of a tour which has also included Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

Another news report discussed the V.P.'s agenda. It included his talk to the Ambrosetti forum, the content of which is available on the White House web site:

Cheney met first with former president of Spain Jose Aznar at the Ambrosetti forum in picturesque Lake Como, and was later to meet Israeli President Shimon Peres and British Petroleum and Goldman Sachs International Board Chairman Peter Sutherland.The US vice president was scheduled to address the conference, which brings together political and financial leaders to discuss world events, at 5:00 pm (1500 GMT).

Note the meeting with international oil and business leaders. It brings to mind Eisenhower's tampering in Iran on behalf of BP predecessor Anglo-Iranian Oil in 1953. BP has a long history of owning and selling Persian oil assets. Did Dick offer them a chance to get back in?

Goldman Sachs, along with Morgan Stanley, virtually control the oil futures market. Why would Cheney be meeting with Goldman's top leader? Will international instability send those markets soaring in panic buying? Sutherland will know how to play it.