Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Freedom to Hide a President

Republicans are running so hard against incumbent Republican President George W. Bush, that he must stay virtually out of sight. There are no fundraisers, no stump speeches, no glad handing with the John McCain/Sarah Palin ticket.

Chris Matthews railed against Bush's skulking in the shadows during the current economic crisis, terming his absence "another Katrina moment." He accused Republican operatives of taking off their uniforms and fleeing the field of battle. So far, none have fared well.

At the end of tonight's Hardball, Chris noted McCain would surround himself with the same folks running the Bush administration. Change, in name only.

There is a consequence to Bush's hiding to aid the permanent political campaign. The public is frightened over the large losses in the Dow Industrials, two of the last three days. People expect to hear from their leaders during a crisis, and that's not two Presidential hopefuls, but the guy in charge.

Here's what George W. said during his words of welcome for the President of Ghana:

I know Americans are concerned about the adjustments that are taking place in our financial markets. At the White House and throughout my administration, we're focused on them -- and we're working to reduce disruptions and minimize the impact of these financial market developments on the broader economy.

I've been in close touch with Secretary Paulson throughout this weekend and this morning. I appreciate the work the Treasury Department, and the Federal Reserve, and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and major financial institutions here and around the world are doing to promote stability in the financial systems.

As policymakers, we're focused on the health of the financial system as a whole. In the short run, adjustments in the financial markets can be painful -- both for the people concerned about their investments, and for the employees of the affected firms. In the long run, I'm confident that our capital markets are flexible and resilient, and can deal with these adjustments.

In a matter of weeks, the Bush administration mobilized over $310 billion for the health of four companies, none of them banks. Yes, he had the gall to use the word health, given America's 46 million uninsureds. Disgusted yet? Chris Matthews is....