Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Curtain Opens at UN Theater

A powerful play involves a tension filled plot, lots of conflict and sexual energy. The United Nations meeting offers all of the above at the moment.

Sarah “the narrative” Palin goes to the UN on “Hang Ahmadinejad” Day. How will the two fictional stories interact?

1.) Will Sarah shoot Mahmoud’s 2/3rd’s finished nuclear bomb out of his grubby little hands?

2.) Will the little man get mad at all the attention Sarah’s getting and call her a “trollopy cunt”? (Choose your angry little man, McCain or Ahmadinejad for this skit)

3.) Will Tzipi Livni, Ehud Olmert, or whoever the heck Israel’s sends rail on the modern Hitler trying to obliterate their state?

4.) Will Vladimir Putin return Condi’s recent bitch slap?

5.) Will Txipi, Condi, or Sarah win the bathing suit competition at the UN? National security = energy, the sexual kind

Stay tuned, the United Nation's theater is not the only Broadway play vying for the public's attention. The Senate Banking Committee holds a three hour, one act hearing on the Bush bailout for a wide segment of tanking financial products. A pugilistic themed story has a 49 year old black man competing with a grizzled 73 year old military veteran for the right to live in a white house. Which will garner the lion's share?