Sunday, September 28, 2008

Globe Shaking Time!

The earth has become increasingly unstable. The financial tsunami (generated by Wall Street credit disruptions) continues washing its way around the world. I'm afraid more White House globe shaking is in store.

The McCain-Palin ticket has that as their core promise. The problem is none of those corrupt Republican snowflakes will leave the protected glass orb. They'll find a new spot to settle, either in the CorporaWhorehouse or on the lawn.

The most worrisome role is that of V.P. Richard B. Cheney. He sits outside the Executive, but not in the Congress. I put him on the Jefferson Memorial, I bet our founding father is not happy. It's hard to wash off Cheney excrement. Don't worry Mr. Jefferson, Dick may soon go to an underground bunker. He was seen slinking around the Capital pushing a blockade on Iran. His missile defense present to Israel just arrived.