Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nuclear Weapons, Sleeper Cells? Oh My!

It feels like a deja vu, only this time the country ends with an "n" instead of a "q". The rhetoric regarding Saddam's Iraq and today's Iran are eerily similar. Both "want nuclear weapons", as evidenced by their noncooperation with the IAEA.

Each plotted harm to other countries via "sleeper cells." Kuwait let the cat out of the bag weeks ago when they announced they were enacting their war plan, in response to a planned Western attack on Iran. They tried a little CYA by saying 25,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guards are in Kuwaiti sleeper cells, ready to destabilize local regimes. They are "disguised as workers."

Bush just gave 1,000 bunker buster bombs to Israel. Wall Street is in shambles. Dick Cheney recently met with the chair of Goldman Sachs and top brass at BP during his last world war tour. Why is this important? Goldman trades oil futures and BP once stirred a coup in Iran to keep access to its oil.

Bush said he would sprint to the finish. Well, he needs to pick up the pace to catch America's free falling economy. A diversion would come in handy.

Cheney's solution usually involves a shotgun approach. I bet he takes one more shot at sending billions of war business to his corporate buds.

Nuclear weapons, sleeper cells, oh my! Nuclear weapons, sleeper cells, oh my!