Friday, October 31, 2008

Bush's Bloody Report Card Comes from Mike McConnell

President Bush's Director of National Intelligence offered his candid assessment of eight years of George W. Bush. A Washington Post piece reported on his speech.

The next U.S. president will govern in an era of increasing international instability, including a heightened risk of terrorist attacks in the near future, long-term prospects of regional conflicts and diminished U.S. dominance across the globe, the nation's top intelligence officer said Thursday.

World stability F
Economy F
Consumer Safety F
Health Care F
Funneling taxpayer money to his corporate friends A+
Spying on Americans A+
Lying to the people A+
Playing the permanent political campaign to the detriment of the country A+

Bush made the world in his image, greedy, heavy handed, and violent. McConnell's assessment is a direct reflection of eight years of George W. The world is a much bloodier place.