Thursday, October 2, 2008

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Several organizations pushed the line in supporting Presidential candidates. Lines blurred when church pulpits boldly came out for their candidate, despite clear IRS rules prohibiting nonprofits from doing such a thing.

They smudged further when the National Rifle Association showed up at Consol Energy coal mines. The NRA film crew hoped to get miners to speak out against Barack Obama, the candidate endorsed by United Mine Workers Union. In protest, miners stayed home for the day.

"This was a surprise visit," explained VP Local 1702, Safety Chairman Eric Greathouse, "and a lot of the miners felt this was a direct slap in the face of the union because they were trying to coerce our people into saying things against Barck Obama."

"Consol doesn't let anybody on their property - never," said Safety Committee Member Mark Dorsey, "And for them to let the NRA come on the property and solicit our membership was totally uncalled for. We made our endorsement to our political process and we didn't bother them and they shouldn't be harassing our membership over this."

The game to take back the CorporaWhorehouse on Pennsylvania Avenue is hot and dirty. Expect more line crossing in the next four weeks...