Monday, October 27, 2008

Economy Tanks, but Gun Sales Rise

If Americans are going to stuff what little remains of their investment cash in a mattress, it helps to protect it. The Washington Post reported the combination of political and economic factors prompted an increase in firearm sales, a rise of 10%. Ammunition sales are up as well.

The tanking economy raises the prospect of crime. Others are concerned that gun purchases could be restricted in the future. If tribal Pakistanis can have Chinese made AK-47's, why not Americans? Aren't we all worried about al Qaeda? Why not arm 299,990,000 to protect them from the dangerous 10,000? If we're all armed, who needs police? We can do without courts as well in the new world of tribal justice.

Oh, that's not what our founding father's wanted with that right of habeas corpus? Why didn't they grant citizen's the right to own cannons? Tupperware parties have been replace by personal, pink taser events. What's next, your home nuclear device to enforce the Sampson option? If I can't have my house, no one will...