Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Day Freedom Died 10-1-08

Two seemingly disparate articles point to the slippery slope of government intrusion and control over citizens. Stacked atop past abuses by the Bush administration and the moves seem particularly ominous. What happened on October 1, while citizens were consumed by the financial meltdown?

First, the U.S. military now has a combat unit assigned to domestic service. Those are fighting men and women, combat soldiers fresh from the battlefields of Iraq. They are not bridge builders, fence menders, gasoline truck drivers, health care workers, or pilots of medical evacuation planes.

Second, the government approved use of a satellite surveillance system for domestic security purposes. The program is restricted to emergency response and scientific studies, but can be expanded to homeland security and law enforcement surveillance. When did the Bush administration let something like the law curtail their activities? The cabal threatened martial law to get Congress to pony up a new $700 billion for Wall Street's bailout. At least Rep. Brad Sherman shared that threat on the floor of the House. Bye, bye, Miss American pie....