Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rice: I'll leave no lie unimproved in pusuit of ME peace

As her tenure as Secretary of State winds down, Condoleezza Rice promised to forge ahead on Middle East peace. Rice promised to "leave no lie unimproved" in the pursuit of an agreement.

"It is very difficult. There is a hard road course. But if we do not drive the cart, we most certainly will not succeed," she said.

Commenting on the relative balance between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Rice compared Israel to a mulligan in golf. She noted:

I have a policy on mulligans. I try for only one, and after that I count it as a stroke. One per 18. Well, except for the first hole, when we have a "hit until you're happy" rule.

Apparently, Israel has a "hit until you're happy rule" for the difficult course to peace.