Saturday, October 1, 2011

Middle East Freedom Update

A number of news stories reflect the dire state of the Middle East, at least on the Palestine-Israel front.. In one story a Palestinian official called Quartet Representative Tony Blair useless. Blair leaked a peace deal in December 2008, before Israel razed Gaza.  After the white phosphorous and dime bombs settled, Blair pushed economic peace for Palestinians, implying that participation in the global economy would bring about conditions for peace. 

The second story has the U.S. blocking $200 million in aid for the Palestinian Authority.  The withhold is in retribution for Palestine requesting statehood from the United Nations.  Stopping aid will drive the Palestinian Authority where in its search for aid?

Egypt and Libya have new governments with their hands full meeting domestic needs.  Lebanon wants to avoid a repeat of Israel's brutal attack in summer 2006.  Syria is in the midst of a low grade rebellion.  That leaves three major players in the region, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Gaza's Hamas wants the Palestinian Authority to  fight Israel in order to form a state.  Which way will Mahmoud Abbas go?  It has massive implications for the next war, currently in the planning stages. As for Blair, he has economic peace in spades.

Update 10-2-11:  The Arab League said it would fill the U.S. funding gap.  Israel continues pushing its Jewish state.