Saturday, March 3, 2012

From Patriot Act to Podesta Group

House Judiciary Committee Chief of Staff Sean McLaughlin will step down to become a lobbyist.  The Podesta Group advertised his hiring as "GOP Firepower."  Sean's public service career included:

In February 2001, he became counsel for the Crime Subcommittee where he played a key role in developing the USA Patriot Act.

Chairman Lamar Smith  (R-TX) offered:

I want to compliment Sean on his diligence, on his commitment, on his conscientiousness, and on his loyalty...
That loyalty will be rewarded with a lobbying job at The Podesta Group, Tony Podesta's influence peddling operation.  It's Sean's time to cash in. 

Consider Rep. Smith's final remark:

Sean, I do not know if you want to say anything. 
Wave goodbye. Okay. Thank you.
Here's the plug Lamar Smith gave for the Sean and the Podesta Group:

“Sean’s talent, dedication and tireless work ethic have helped the committee advance complex and high-profile legislation,” said House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas).

“His leadership will be missed, but I am confident that Sean will take the same level of productivity, insight and success to his work at the Podesta Group.”
What freedoms might Sean work to dismantle under Tony Podesta's tutelage?  What role might he have in advancing the next war?  Stay tuned...