Monday, March 3, 2008

Condi Rides in to Find Gazaization Threat

Absence of negotiations would lead to a 'Gazaization' of the West Bank, and anyone who can't see this is lying to himself."-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert threw a flaming bag of poo on the White House porch, just as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice exited on her way to seal the deal on Middle East peace. Condi's eyes gazed toward the horizon, intent on achieving the elusive peace prize before Bush's term mercifully ends. She failed to note Ehud's present and planted her extremely expensive heels into the burning bag.

Her boots skid in Ehud's flaming prank. This caused Condi's feet to fly up and the Secretary of State to go ass over tea kettle. Unfortunately this is a familiar sight to people in the Middle East. Ms. Rice suffered prior pratfalls over the Hamas election victory in 2006 and Israel's invasion of its democratic neighbor to the north that same year. Who says divide and conquer via small carrots and big sticks can't be entertaining? It's only the case for those living safely far away from the Bush team's bumbling interventions. Anybody ready for more than a two day break in the violence?