Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rare Chance to Execute Double

The crowd gathered in nervous anticipation. In a rare feat of strength and agility, could the legendary Lou win two events simultaneously? Along the California beach, legions watched the competitors catch the first wave. As it rose higher and higher, one stud surfer rode both a long board and boogie board at the same time.

Oh, another competitor has a boogie board on his back! Mac dropped his to water, tentatively placing his foot on red board. Almost immediately the distance between the boards grew. Soon Mac was doing a split as the wave closed out on him. Dusted! Meanwhile, Lou majestically carved up and down the face. It was clear Lou Carlyle bested the competition. After Carlyle exited the giant wave over the lip, the wall of water smashed the public.

The story you just read is about the wave of privatization of the public domain. It's set in California as there may soon be the rare chance for a private firm to execute a double, building a toll road through a state park it also sponsors. Will The Carlyle Group's new infrastructure division rise to the challenge? Or will Macquarie, from the land down under, ride the winning wave?

The Bush Transportation Department clearly expressed its desire for greater privatization of public roads. His National Parks maintain a public/private partnership. Can California and Governor Arnold be far behind? Schwarzenegger just ditched two parks commissioners, possibly for blocking the toll road through the popular beach side state park. This opens up the wave of privatization for that rare double. Can Carlyle rise to the top, achieving state park sponsorship and toll road ownership simultaneously? Stay tuned...