Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Freedom to Look Away

Huffington Post reported on Senator John McCain's spine melting in response to investigating any Bush administration corruption. Apparently a Bush bear hug can dissolve lumbar disks. Huffington Post offered:

When asked today about supporting independent investigations into the Bush administration, McCain replied: "I do not agree with your sentiment that there has been widespread corruption. I just don't accept that.

It turns out there is more than one jellyfish in the hallowed Senate chambers, where Vice President Dick Cheney once said, "Go F_ck Yourself!" I just received a response from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in reference to my Roger That! post, where I complained about not getting answers to my longtime concerns about questionable Bush ethics. Here's what I sent after Congress announced it would investigate Roger Clemens for steroid use:

My representatives never answered why The White House juiced up its "Lessons Learned" report on Hurricane Katrina. Why didn't they bring in Fran Townsend to explain her free pass for the hospital with the highest number of patient deaths post landfall? LifeCare got not one mention in Fran's investigative report. Funny, this same Congress failed to ask LifeCare's owner, The Carlyle Group, about it. They had their chance to grill Carlyle exec's during their review of the ManorCare purchase. Instead Congress played Santa and approved the deal. If Carlyle can fail one of twenty one LTAC's in a time of crisis, what can they do with 500 mostly nursing homes?

Senator Kay Bailey's reply is below:

Some time ago, you wrote me and my records indicate you may not have received a timely response to your concerns. Your suggestions and counsel are very important to me. Every day I am required to make difficult decisions based on the information available to me and the views of Texans who take the time to let me know their concerns. you for contacting my office, and I apologize for any delay. Please do not hesitate to contact me if your concerns can be further addressed.

Still no answer. It must be with John McCain's unplanned investigations...