Monday, March 31, 2008

Settlement Expansion Middle Finger to Middle East Peace

Hours after U.S. Secretary of State and her three generals shopped for progress toward peace between Israel and the future Palestinian state, the Jewish state annouced plans for 1,400 new homes on disputed land. Earlier in the process Sec. Rice criticized Israel's continued approval of new housing in contested territory.

"Settlement activity should stop - expansion should stop," Rice said.

And the Israeli response sounded bull in a china shop familiar.

Olmert spokesman Mark Regev had no comment on the new construction plans. But earlier in the day, Olmert pledged that Israel would build in east Jerusalem and heavily Jewish areas of the West Bank - land Israel expects to keep in a final peace agreement.

Now I know why Condi's special envoy is targeted toward Middle East Security and not peace. Once you make the gains, they have to be held, no matter the cost.