Monday, March 17, 2008

The Freedom to Vacation

The Cheney family packed their suitcases in nervous anticipation. Dick, the patriarch, announced they would go on vacation, but in his usual sinister way, wouldn't give any clues as to their final destination.

Liz tried to weasel it out of him. "Honey, will we need to pack our orange jumpsuits?"

Dick replied, "You always wanted to go to the tropics, but you know I hate heat and humidity. No, we're going someplace drier than that."

"Well then, will we need to pack winter jackets or carry sunscreen?" asked Mrs. Cheney.

"Think St. Patrick's Day honey. I'm taking us where there's lots of green," offered the V.P. slyly.

As the plane corkscrewed its landing at the Baghdad airport, Liz remarked. "My that's a big green lake. What's it called?"

"Raw sewage," barked the Vice President.

"Well honey, other than that, I don't see alot of green," noted his disappointed wife.

"It's St. Patrick's Day, Liz. Knock, knock, anybody home? We're staying in the Green Zone. I'm meeting with Iraqi leaders to get the oil flowing faster. That produces lots of greenbacks for U.S. oil companies. And by my bringing the family to vacation here, Iraq is now open for tourism dollars. It's win, win, green for everybody," noted Dick.

"What about the people living near the lake of sewage?" asked Mary, his daughter.

"Hello? Lake front view? That's almost as good as living in the tropics," replied Dick.

The Cheney's laughed heartily at their patriarch's jokes, while the rest of the world cried.