Tuesday, March 18, 2008

McCain Chokes on Terrorist Stew

While in Sunni Jordan, Presidential hopeful John McCain drank from the huge vat of terrorist stew brewed by George W. Bush. It doesn't matter that Sunni terrorists (al Qaeda) are the meat and Shia extremists are the potatoes. They all want to cook America's goose, and are working together to do so. At least that's what the Bush administration wants the American public to believe.

John McCain swallowed too many "George" pills and pulled a similar gaffe in Jordan. It's a good thing no locals were listening. They might've stoned John for putting Sunni conservatives in legion with those crazy Shiites.

For more on the Sunni/Shia divide, one need go no further than Iraq. After V.P. Dick Cheney boasted of phenomenal successes, the Iraqi reconciliation meeting fell flat when three groups decided not to play. Two Sunni and one Shia faction passed on their chance to play a meaningful role in Iraqi healing and political development.

They can't get together to pump oil out of their country and generate dollars? How could these contentious groups conspire to bring down the only super power on earth? By charging us lost of money for their oil! One might expect those wily terrorists to fashion that petroleum law ASAP.