Saturday, May 2, 2009

Did Dennis Ross Ask About UAE Prince Torture Video?

U.S. Special Envoy Dennis Ross met with United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

Recall the UAE Royal who mercilessly tortured an Afghan man for a missing truckload of grain? The abuser is the brother of Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

Did Dennis Ross bring up the video? Doubtful. Press TV reported:

The UAE ruling family has blocked internet access to all sites showing the horrific footage of a royal prince torturing a migrant worker.

The statement said that the UAE government "understands that the matter depicted on the video was resolved between the two parties and that no criminal charges were brought by either party."

According to ABC News, which first released the disturbing videotape, the UAE government claimed that Sheikh Issa only occasionally indulged in such activities and what was recorded on the tape was 'not part of a pattern of behavior'.

Wrapped up in a nice neat bow, like Obama and Congress want America to do on Bush torture.

Update 1-11-10: The Prince was found not guilty by a UAE court. Apparently they also have a "just us" system based on money and connections.