Thursday, May 21, 2009

From Bush's Preventive War to Obama's Preventive Detention

America continues its descent into a Soviet style Gulag. Forget central planning, seen in Treasury's endless Wall Street corporafornication and Congressmen threatening to require a college football playoff system. We're talking about the right of government to hold people indefinitely without trial. That includes U.S. citizens. The President of the Center for Constitutional Rights weighed in:

Even more troubling for Michael Ratner, however, was the notion of preventive detention -- which he called "the real road to hell," and compared to something from the movie Minority Report. "[Obama] said some people are just too dangerous to let go and that we have to keep them," said Ratner. "Though we'd do it differently then Bush. We will set up rules. Well no matter how you repackage Guantanamo, with all kinds of rules on top of it -- that is what he is doing, he is re-wrapping a preventive detention scheme and giving it some more due process. In the end, it still comes down to holding people -- much like Minority Report or pre-crime stuff -- for being dangerous, and that is not something that I think is constitutional or this country should be engaged in."

Odd, that a minority like President Obama would issue such a report.