Wednesday, May 20, 2009

U.S. to Fully Fund Israel's Missile Defense System

The Obama administration offered goodies to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Jerusalem Post reported:

The US has said it will provide the full funding for the development and production of the Arrow 3 anti-missile system
Is that in addition to the $2.77 billion in annual military support America provides to Israel? How did the Arrow 3 avoid the budget axe? Expensive military gear needs to be used.

Later this year, the IAF will hold an unprecedented, massive exercise with the US military to test three different ballistic missile defense systems, the Israeli-made Arrow and the American THAAD and Aegis, which will be brought to Israel for the exercise. The drill, which will span several days, is called "Juniper Cobra."

When will it happen? Maybe October, the deadline Dennis Ross set for Iran negotiations? Will it involve the CIA?