Saturday, May 23, 2009

Israel's Military Drills Portend Next War?

The nation of Israel prepares for more war. It finished four days of drills simulating war on all fronts. The military drilled war with Gaza, Lebanon and Syria. Defense Minister Ehud Barak was impressed with the drill results. The Jerusalem Post noted the next drill. This one involves citizens:

In early June, the Israeli home front will be practiced in the most far-reaching rehearsal for an emergency rocket attack ever carried out. All Israelis will be instructed to enter secure spaces and sirens will sound out throughout the country.
It hearkens back to America's Cold War drills. The difference is strong deterrence and mutually assured destruction made sense to leaders of that day.

The Bush/Obama Unitary Executive pushed preventive war and torture. It now offers preventive detention and no accountability for past crimes. The world suffers from heavy handed leadership on many fronts.