Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rahm, Rahm, Rahm, Rahm on Iran

The Jersualem Post reported on a private session Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel held with major AIPAC donors. The report stated:

The task of forming an international coalition to thwart Iran's nuclear program will be made easier if progress is made in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has said, according to sources in Washington.

Israeli TV stations had reported Monday night that Emanuel had actually linked the two matters, saying that the efforts to stop Iran hinged on peace talks with the Palestinians. The remarks were reportedly made in a closed-door meeting previous day with 300 major AIPAC donors on Sunday.

Iranian negotiations will go nowhere, in light of each country's official positions. To sell another war, the world needs to see leaders collaborating toward peace.

Recall Rahm is the politician who won't let a crisis go to waste. Forget the Arab League peace plan sat on a shelf gathering dust since 2002.

Will the next crisis be fueled by influential AIPAC funders? What about the over half of Congress that attended AIPAC's Monday night Gala? What will their role be? What about neocon Dennis Ross, the Special Adviser for the Persian Gulf? He continues his tour of the Middle East.