Saturday, May 30, 2009

Israel Wants to Inculcate a Culture of Emergency

Israel's Turning Point 3, a home front security exercise simulating missile attacks, distributed magnetized cards to every home. A segment read:

The protected space should be chosen according to the time you have to reach it, in accordance with the following map: Ma'alot-Nahariya-Golan Heights - immediate; Acre-Safed-Carmiel - 30 seconds; Haifa-Hadera - 60 seconds; Netanya-Tel Aviv-Rishon Letzion - 2 minutes; Jerusalem-Eilat - 3 minutes; settlements surrounding Gaza - 15-60 seconds.

That should petrify the elderly. How far can they move in 15 seconds to 3 minutes? Did Home Front security do any studies?

What should drivers do? Leave their vehicles in the middle of the road in search for safe shelter?

This brings back memories of the Red Scare during my elementary school years. we dove under wooden desks, capable of protecting us from a nuclear bomb blast and falling radiation. Can we send our old desks to Israel? It seems their population needs them.