Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bush's Torture is Clinton's Sex

As you look at the picture, can you just hear George W. Bush say, "Take this dictation, torture means ....and if you get it wrong, I'll turn you over to the CIA!" The photo is ironically from the same room Bill Clinton redefined other words, including fidelity.

Apparently, the American public is smart enough to decide what words mean. They don't need redefinitions courtesy of a sleazy President in power. From his mouth Bill Clinton spurted his famous line, "it all depends on what your definition of sex is". George W. appears to pull his waffling from the other orifice and fooling only his rabid supporters. Nearly 70% of Americans believe waterboarding is torture, irregardless of what the current occupants of the White House say.

Update 3-9-13:  The Guardian revealed Pentagon Chief Donald Rumsfeld and General David Petraeus oversaw U.S. imposed torture programs in Iraq..  None have been charged with war crimes.