Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Extra Pay for Beating Women Too?

Pakistani police reported earning extra pay for beating and arresting protesting lawyers. Now that the attention has shifted to supporters of political leader Benazir Bhutto, is the "pay for performance" plan still in effect? An AP writer reported:

Police beat and arrested the few activists who broke through barricades topped with barbed-wire, including several women. Naheed Khan, a close female aide to Bhutto, waded into the brief melee, whacked a policeman on the shoulder and screamed at him: "Who are you? How dare you take action against women?"

I can imagine his response. "I'm an extrinsically motivated employee, rewarded for perpetrating violence. Each strike, whew, gets me more, whack, income. Nothing personal, ma'am, just earning my cash bonus...crack!" Never mind that Ms. Bhutto recently negotiated with Pakistani President to work together against Islamic extremism, the supposed reason for declaring martial law. I've seen very few extremists in the crackdown against thousands of lawyers, media members and political opposition, but I hear they hide well.