Monday, November 19, 2007

Smashing Fists

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. During a visit to Iran, he said "Here are two brother countries, united like a single fist." And here in America we have our own version of two manly entities in hand embrace. The first party is U.S. corporations, currently not in decline as they spread globally in search of new markets and ever expanding profits. The second is the U.S. government exemplified by our military, also with a worldwide presence and projected to grow in both size and capability.

America has a clear history of acting to reduce threats to switch oil trading from dollars. It has a clear history of taking out leaders who nationalize Western corporate interests. Mr. Chavez promotes both, while Mr. Ahmadinejad has a whole country trading without the benefits of U.S. products. The Bush administration wants both of these yahoo's gone. If they keep talking smack, my guess is that's what we'll hear. It will be the sound of Chavez's single fist hitting a depleted uranium shell, paid for with U.S. dollars. Boys, you may need to see a hand specialist!