Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Terror Attack Around 2008 Elections?

If Osama bin Laden is as shrewd and calculating as they make him out, he won't be the man behind any terror attacks prior to U.S. elections in 2008. The political tide of 70% of Americans wanting out of Iraq favors his aim of having no foreign troops in the Middle East. So why would he order an attack with success tantalizingly close?

What's more likely is the release of chatter that indicates a looming terror threat. Funny how every Christmas and New Year's Fran told us to "party on". One might think Islamic fundamentalists would love to strike a blow at Western decadence, but they never seem able. Now that an election looms, that could go the wrong way.... be very afraid!

Let's see, John Negroponte gets back from "counseling" Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who just declared martial law to save democracy and Fran talks about needing to secure the election. Consider her words in a CNN report:

“We know that Al Qaeda views these periods as being a particularly vulnerable period,” she said on CNN’s ‘American Morning.’ “We don't have any specific information, but given our experience and what we know, I believe we've got a real obligation to prepare for that transition between the election and the inauguration in a special way.” Townsend offered this warning as she prepares to leave her job counseling President Bush on homeland security matters.

Who's counseling who, Mrs. Townsend? And are you in need of a convenient diversion? What about your boss?