Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Freedom's Watch New Website Strives for Independence

Ever vigilant on the pursuit of freedom, Freedom's Watch announced their redesigned website. After checking the new media center, I found not a peep about the military crackdowns in Pakistan and Burma. Apparently it's not at all about freedom. That begs the question, what is Freedom's Watch really about? It's intended to perpetuate the permanent campaign. Gag! Will they not stop until virtually every American declares themselves an independent?

Hurry folks, drop your Republican and Democratic labels ASAP. Then maybe we can get our country back from the Freedom Watchers and the "bipartisan" Israel Project, two groups determined to mine the language of war. Democracies don't war? Let's see Israel attacked democratic Lebanon, the U.S. invaded Iraq based on false information and Turkey wants to pull an Israel with Iraq.