Friday, November 9, 2007

Is Freedom's Watch Asleep?

One might expect a group truly concerned with freedom to utter something over the recent events in Pakistan and Burma, but not Freedom's Watch. So far they've only trained their eyes on Iraq and are rumored to be spying Iran.

Those paying attention to Pakistan know President Bush merely wants a dress change and scheduled elections. Dropping the uniform must occur quickly in George's eyes. Otherwise W.'s Hitler comparison, intended for Iran, could morph over to Pakistan. Do you recall a mustached military leader dancing with a globe? What if he's pointing to Pakistan instead of Iran?

As for Burma, Total SA and Chevron remain free to send billions to the military junta to support their strong arm tactics. Funny, how Israel can withhold Palestinian tax money but the U.S. can't order Chevron to embargo Burma's gas proceeds until their behavior improves. It seems no one in the Bush administration is worried about Pakistan or Burma, otherwise their marketing arm might actually weigh in on issues of freedom.

Pervez and the ruling Burmese generals are well off the road to freedom, four wheeling in heavy handed terrain. As long as they're running over their subjects in an American branded Humvee built cheaply in Asia, things seem to be copacetic. Who'd have thought the U.S. would become a freedom caricature?