Sunday, November 4, 2007

U.S. Military & Corporations Support Junta's

In yet another non sequiter, sponsors of the U.S. government in Washington continue business as usual in two countries beset by military crackdowns. In his televised address late yesterday Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said Pakistan was at a "dangerous" juncture, and that its government was threatened by Islamic extremists who were "imposing their obsolete ideas on moderates."

For that reason he closed down independent media outlets, cut phone service from the capital and preventively arrested some 500 people, including fifty peaceful members of a human rights organization. The report doesn't indicate how many are from threatening Islamic extremist groups. But apparently those extremists use the independent media as well as phones to plan their attacks. I must say I'm surprised they gather at human rights offices. Who'd have thought it?

The news also reported Musharraf suspended the constitution while "scores of paramilitary troops blocked access to the Supreme Court and parliament." His army carted off Supreme Court Justices and other political opponents. A total of 1,500 such persons are estimated being held, many taken in early morning raids. As the ruler of the new junta in Pakistan, Pervez issued two edicts after balling up the "God ____ piece of paper", formerly known as the Constitution.

Musharraf issued two ordinances toughening media laws, including a ban on live broadcasts of "incidents of violence and conflict." Also, TV operators who "ridicule" the president, armed forces, and other powerful state bodies face up to three years in jail.

Did the Pakistani President pay close attention as the junta in Myanmar cracked down on peaceful Buddhist monks? Control the media, control the message. Did Pervez note the dollar flow from energy resources remains wide open for the dictatorial leaders? Total SA, Chevron and their like provide the heavy handed generals with billions in annual funding.

Apparently, the General cleared his martial law order with someone in the U.S. Otherwise, why would Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell say the emergency declaration "does not impact our military support" of the Muslim nation or its efforts in the war on terror?

Fascism is alive and well in Pakistan and Myanmar, supported by the U.S. military and international corporations. Those same groups happen to sponsor the government in D.C. The government industrial monstrosity is about two things, blind loyalty and ever growing profits. It's not about openness, transparency, effective leadership, or good governance. Few leaders are willing to answer to the people anymore. Isn't that what democracy is all about?