Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Hitler Globe

Pull out your world globe and give it a good spin. With your eyes closed press harder until it comes to a stop. Do that six times, recording where your finger rested. What countries did you hit? How many of them currently have leaders with Hitler like characteristics? How many of those elected officials have taken rights away from their people the last ten years? How many have called leaders of other nations Hitler? How many have been compared to Adolf by other foreign leaders?

America's president loves to compare his Iranian counterpart to Hitler. Unfortunately two countries flew high up the Hitler scale recently with their martial law crackdowns, Pakistan and Myanmar. What will George W. do, now that his major ally in the war on terror looks more Hitlerian than the leader of the Axis of Evil? I can just hear him on the phone in the Oval Office :

"Damn that Pervez! I told him not to do it first! I susplicitly ordered him to wait until after I declared Martial Law after my preventive war with Iran. Once we drop nukes on Ahmadinejad's nuclear facilities, some of our sissy anti-war types will want to protest and I won't have it. No fucking way. Not only did Pervy beat me to the punch, he now makes Mahmoud look sane. Karl, how are we going to handle this?"

"Righteous indignation, Mr. President. Pour it on heavy, but keep the military support going strong. And make sure our corporations get in there quick. What does Musharraf need in the ways of goods and services to keep his country oppressed?"

"I'm so glad you're available by phone when there's a crisis."

"Me too. I'll send you the bill..."