Monday, March 23, 2009

Blair Approved Gaza Operation, Cites Jesus and John the Baptist

Jesus Christ instructed Peter to resheath his knife. Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, remained coy as Israel prepared to turn Gaza into a stinking charnel house. However, Blair did praise the establishment of the new Baptism Center. It's near where John the Baptist baptized Jesus.
The Centre will provide for all Evangelical Christian groups whose custom is baptism by immersion.

Funny, a follower of Christ might make the whole Middle East a nuclear weapons free zone. That includes Israel. I hoped Tony would suggest governments "beat their swords into plowshares." Instead the world watches regional and global arms races. Big defense spending occurs when resources are limited, when poverty and hunger threaten millions more worldwide.

Tony Blair may be sincere in his deep faith. It's just not obvious from his words and actions. Christ went out on a huge limb. Jesus spoke to huge crowds, without generating record speaking fees.