Monday, March 16, 2009

IDF Leader Gives Gaza War Update to U.S. Approvers

Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Ashkenazi met with National Security Adviser General James L. Jones and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Before their official service, Jones and Clinton approved a change of strategy on Gaza, at least Tony Blair said so on Christmas Day. Who knew it would be a package of cluster bombs and white phosphorous? Haaretz reported:

Two weeks ago Blair met with Hillary Clinton, the incoming American secretary of state, and with Gen. James Jones, who will be national security adviser. He says the two understand that a change of strategy on Gaza is necessary.

Ashkenazi met with President Obama's Special Envoy for the Persian Gulf, Dennis Ross. The story said:

The IDF chief told Ross that Israel would not tolerate a nuclear Iran.

Messages are important. If public citizens Jones and Clinton approved heavy handed intervention in Gaza, will they do so against Iran? Stay tuned.